Software as a Service

A strong trend in informatics is to provide Software as a Service. Instead of purchasing software and deploying it on your own hardware, it is frequently a better solution to use one of our turn-key services to meet your needs.

We partner with leading cloud providers in order to provide effective, robust and secure solutions to run your business.

Regulatory Event Framework

Supports government agencies and departments that deal in regulatory affairs such as:

  • receiving information from the public or regulated entities.
  • dealing with events related to the enforcement of regulations.
  • approving or licensing materials under regulations.

The Regulatory Event Framework allows you to focus on policy and enforcement while providing data to allow sophisticated reporting and analytics.

Build Log

Building an experimental airplane can be a very rewarding experience. However you frequently need to log work completed, assistance and other aspects of the project both to meet regulatory requirements and to document your project. Build Log helps to keep all of the information organized and in a format to keep your project on track.


Defensive weapons maintenance and armorer support platform for use by law enforcement departments. Keep your equipment in top condition and ensure currency and training standards for your armorers and front-line personelle.

*Only available for law enforcement agencies in US & Canada